The Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act: A Collaborative Call to Action for the U.S Senate

East Point, GA (March 4, 2021) - The Federation is urging strategic partners, supporters, and members to rally behind the bill that will repeal major injuries to farmers of color. The American Rescue plan, which includes up to $16.1 billion in agriculture and food provisions, landed a success in the house on Feb. 27, raising hope for systemic restoration and repealing of USDA discrimination and injustices done to Black farmers.

As the Farmers of

Color Act now lies in the Senate, awaiting the passage of the Emergency Relief Bill, The Federation sees this as an opportunity to amplify the challenges faced by Black farmers and to support champions of reparative action.

The Federation has asked for its extensive network and cooperative partners to support the mission of Ag committee members to recalibrate past discrepancies amongst socially disadvantaged farmers. “The Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act is an important step toward equity, justice, and inclusion as well as putting our nation on a track toward resiliency and sustainability," says Cornelius Blanding, Executive Director.

This coalition of support is inspired by the Ag Committee’s collaboration and commitment to leveraging the new administration’s push for more equitable policies and legislation to save Black farmers and farmland.

Read full press release here.

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