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Mediation is a process where parties in dispute sit down with a neutral third party to try to settle their dispute without going through litigation. The parties are in total control of the decision-making process.

  • Florida/Virgin Islands (FAMP)
  • Georgia Agricultural Mediation Program (GAMP),
  • Louisiana Mediation Program(LAMP)
  • Mississippi Agriculture Mediation Program (MAMP)
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Many cases are eligible for mediation under these programs:

  • Agricultural loans, whether made by USDA or commercial lenders and; 

  • Disputes involving USDA actions on farm and conservation programs, wetlands determinations, rural water loan programs, grazing on national forest system lands, pesticides, rural housing, and business loans, and crop insurance.


Who can use the program?

  • Farmers, Neighbors, and Municipalities with Right to Farm disputes

  • Farmers and USDA Agencies with USDA program disputes

  • Farmers, Lenders, and Creditors with Agricultural Credit disputes


The mediator is:

  • Impartial;

  • Maintains a respectful and safe environment for the parties;

  • Allows parties to speak and be heard;

  • Helps identify and clarify the issues;

  • Directs collaborative problem-solving;

  • Helps the parties test solutions;

  • Doesn't make decisions for you and;

  • Summarizes the agreements reached by the parties

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