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Every summer, "the Federation" hosts complimentary Will Clinics throughout the Southern Region for Black farmers and landowners seeking to protect their families and landholdings.


Access to trusted and affordable legal assistance in rural communities remains a significant challenge. As a Black farmer or landowner, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to receive legal aid and support because we are dedicated to continuing this work and commitment to our membership!


These annual, in-person clinics are designed to help landowners prepare and draft themselves a will with the Federation staff and volunteer attorneys in the respective states.


Our Land Retention team will assist those who pre-register for the will clinics in compiling all things necessary for a valid will in your state and help answer any general questions you may have.

  • Once you are set, we can recommend you to an attorney in the state to assist you in drafting and filing your will.

  • If you are already prepared to have your will drafted, we will have volunteer attorneys on-site by appointment to sit with and begin drafting. 


*The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund does not offer free legal services. We can refer you to an attorney within our partner referral network.

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