The Federation has been successfully working since 1967 to provide Black farmers, landowners, and cooperatives in the Southern region with cooperative development, land retention, and advocacy.

The Federation's strengths are its structure and governance. We are a member-owned and operated organization born out of the Civil Rights Movement to do the unique work of empowering our membership of Black farmers, land owners, and cooperatives with racial and economic equity. 


Our members are Black farmer, landowners, and cooperatives.

Select the membership level that fits you

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Need a paper application and to mail your membership dues? 


When filling out the online application please put NA if you do not know the answer for a required question. Required question have a red *

Work Address = farm or coop address if different from home address

Coop Members without Board Approved Bylaws Are Unable to vote during the Annual Meeting and are deemed associate coop members until bylaws approved.

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The membership desk is specifically charged with maintaining contact with cooperative and individual members and serving as a focal point for their communications with the FSC/LAF. 

The membership desk assists with membership dues, renewals, assistance with joining, membership engagement, and events.

Please contact with any questions or if you need membership assistance. 


Membership dues support our mission-based work around cooperative development, land retention, and advocacy.

Our members are low and moderate-income families interested in self-help economic development activities like credit unions, housing, and worker cooperatives.

  • 55$
    Empowering Black farmers, Coops & Landowners
    Valid for 12 months