ED Cornelius Blanding's Response to Chauvin Conviction in George Floyd Trial

The conviction of Derek Chauvin in the George Floyd trial represents accountability that can transpire amongst those who have a responsibility to protect and serve our communities. But the excitement of this conviction should be coupled with the reality that much of our nation, and especially the south, still face challenges of economic distress presented by systems that are not equitable. There is hope in this conviction as well as other recent measures such as the American Recovery Plan (ARP), which includes funding for farmers of colors who’ve suffered injustices at the hands of federal agencies like USDA historically - an agency referred to as the people’s department and established to serve farmers and rural communities. We have to continue to focus on the goal of reform and progress in laws and systems that impact people of color and socially disadvantaged citizens of this country, which includes black farmers and landowners. When there is equity in ALL of our systems, there will be true justice. Until we see true justice, there is always more to do! The struggle continues.....

Photo by Life Matters from Pexels

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