Director of Communications & Member Relations (East Point, GA) 

The Director of Communications & Member Relations reports directly to the Executive Director and is responsible for developing and guiding the strategy for all communications, website, and public relations messages and collateral to consistently articulate the organization's vision and mission. The Director of Communications & Member Relations will ensure that the organization is viewed as the primary source, disseminator, and conduit of information within its diverse network and membership base – including, but not limited to, black farmers and landowners, cooperatives and rural communities in the south. The Director of Communications & Member Relations will work closely with the Executive Staff and within the organization as the communications partner on a variety of strategic initiatives, including membership engagement, tracking and development.

Outreach Specialist (Albany, Georgia) 

The Outreach Specialist performs a variety of duties related to outreach, recruitment, education, organizing and leading  FSC/LAF members, potential members and farmers in programs, projects, and process that serve to create new cooperatives  and/or strengthen existing cooperatives and farmers within the Federation’s sphere of influence. The Outreach Specialist is  responsible for providing and/or securing relevant resources and technical assistance for socially disadvantaged farmers,  ranchers and Federation members. They are to be knowledgeable of all USDA programs and services and must understand  all aspects of proposals, especially the deliverables there in. The Outreach Specialist’s driving mission is to proliferate and  advance cooperative development for FSC members, farmers and cooperatives.

Forestry Outreach Specialist (Epes, AL)

Rural Training and Research Center

Epes, Alabama

Forestry Outreach Specialist

The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/LAF, is a regional cooperative and rural development organization, serving a membership of Black farmers, landowners, cooperatives, and other low-income rural people in the Southeast. The Forestry Outreach Specialist will support efforts to engage underserved landowners in sustainable forestry practices and facilitate their access to available assistance programs. The Forestry Outreach Specialist will follow the guidance of the Director of the Rural Training and Research Center/Regional Agroforestry Center.

Farm Demonstration Manager (Epes, AL) 

The Farm Demonstration Manager is a professional farmer, technical assistance provider, problem solver and trainer. The position requires developing and implementing a farm management plan, identifying typical problems on the farm, finding solutions and developing and managing an overall demonstration farm that includes various practical demonstration sites at the Federation's Rural Training & Research Center to serve as a model for small farmers, landowners and cooperatives from all over the organization's membership base. The position reports directly to the Director of the Rural Training & Research Center and operates as part of and in conjunction with a team of outreach staff and stakeholders from the various states.

Typical work activities

It is vital to the organization (FSC/LAF) that effective relationships with farmers, cooperatives and rural communities are established and developed. The ability to identify, investigate and solve problems is essential and good communication skills are a major requirement. Rural business awareness and a practical approach are critical. The work has an increasing emphasis on cooperative development, marketing, sustainable agriculture, environmental and conservation issues and practical solutions to all of these issues are necessary.

Cooperative Development Specialist (Albany, Georgia) 

Cooperative Development Specialist is responsible for development, expansion, and retention of member cooperative  businesses in Georgia. The Cooperative Development Specialist performs a variety of duties related to outreach,  recruitment, education, organizing and leading FSC/LAF members and potential members in programs, projects, and  processes that serve to create new cooperatives and/or strengthen existing cooperatives within the Federation’s sphere of  influence. The Cooperative Development Specialist’s driving mission is to proliferate and advance cooperative  development through the utilization of internationally recognized cooperative principles and the implementation of the  values, historic knowledge and ideas that inform the organization.