The Federation's Response to Preliminary Injunction on USDA’s Debt Relief

The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund is deeply disappointed that Judge Marcia Morales Howard of the Middle District of Florida granted a nationwide Preliminary Injunction suspending implementation of the USDA’s debt relief for Farmers & Ranchers of Color program. We have heard from our membership of farmers that this ruling will cause significant financial and farming problems for them and others that were expecting the USDA to honor this commitment. In response to the ruling, the Federation is responding on behalf of the membership and prioritizing the existing suspension of all foreclosures on Direct or Guaranteed USDA loans until the litigation is resolved. If you are a Farmer or Rancher of Color facing foreclosure due to Direct or Guaranteed USDA loans, please contact the Federation so we can assist with getting the foreclosure suspended. The Federation will continue to advocate for full implementation of Sections 1005 & 1006 of the American Rescue Plan so that Black farmers, landowners and cooperatives receive the assistance they need to continue to be First Responders to their communities, operate their farms and leave a legacy for their families.

For more information, please contact our office at 4047650991 | For media inquiries, please email

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