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Georgia farmers, landowners, and co-op members join us for informational workshops and hear from USDA Agencies and Federation Staff. This is also a time to celebrate our farmer's deep passion and commitment to their work.

Contact the FSC/LAF Georgia Field Office for more event information.

Email: Cornelius Key, FSC/LAF Georgia State Coordinator,


Email: Lori White, FSC/LAF Administrative Assistant, | Phone: 229-432-5799 

What's on the

41st Georgia Farmers Conference


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  • USDA Inflation Reduction Act Section 22007 Discrimination Financial Assistance Program (DFAP) Update followed by Georgia Black Farmer Q & A Session

  • USDA Inflation Reduction Act Section 22006 Extraordinary Measures Update

  • Georgia USDA Resource Panel

Monica Armster Rainge is a globally recognized agricultural lawyer, mediator, and farm advocate. She is one of the most influential female leaders in agriculture today. For over 25 years, her passion has been fighting for justice in food, agriculture, land rights, and natural resources management for underserved and marginalized communities.

Educational Workshops
Round 1

Heirs Property,

Conflict Resolution,


Loan Program Overview

Cooperative Development


Regional Marketing

Forestry Management



Educational Workshops
Round 2

Forestry Management




Climate Smart


(Accessing Financial Incentives (3.1 Billion) through Commodities Program) 

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The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund's current members and staff have been emailed a complimentary ticket registration link, valued at $250.

If you are an active member with current dues and did not receive your complimentary ticket registration link, please contact or call 1-888-322-2985 for assistance.

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