Intern with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/ Land Assistance Fund  

The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/ Land Assistance Fund seeks to provide students and leaders the opportunity to learn about the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/ Land Assistance Fund and its role in economic development, land retention, and advocacy for small farmers coops, and landowners throughout southern U.S regions. 

More about our Internship Opportunities 

Digital & Social Media Engagement Internship

Currently - Atlanta, Georgia- East Point, GA

This opportunity is intended to enrich and expand the skills of the intern by providing hands-on experience and the space to be creative. Students would have real-world experience with digital and physical community engagement, photographing and documenting black growers, gardeners, farmers, producers, farmers markets, and landowners, and some digital marketing strategy designed to engage our community of supporters and members. Interns will also utilize social media and other digital marketing tools. Remote work is available.

Forestry Camp and Internship Program

Rural Training & Research Center- Epes, Alabama

The purpose of this program is to provide graduating high school Juniors and Seniors and incoming college freshman with the opportunity to work in the Agriculture or Forestry field and get hands on experience.

More About the Maya Pennick Francis Internship Program

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The Maya Pennick Francis Research & Education Internship Program

Educating African American students on the importance of Black farm and land-ownership in the struggle for economic and social justice.

Vision & Mission

The purpose of this program is to provide African – American college students with the opportunity to learn about the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/ Land Assistance Fund and the evolution of the struggle by African- Americans to create land-based economic development and secure social justice throughout the Black Belt Region of the United States. The primary objective is to help them understand the history and ongoing struggle to save Black-owned land and farms and how that impacts equitable development in the Black Belt Region.

The Program

Successful applicants will receive a stipend and be assigned to the Federation's Administrative and Public Relations Office located in East Point, Georgia.

Who Should Apply

Must be a college student in good standing. Preference will be given to students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities preferably 1890 Land Grant Universities.

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