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About Forward 2023

Land ownership represents an important source of wealth and economic stability in the African American community.  It is estimated that 60% of all Black-owned land is owned as heirs' property.


The FORWARD 2023 Boot Camp creates an opportunity for 100 heirs’ property landowners to get practical information for resolving their heirs’ property issues including an in-depth 12-month checklist to guide their efforts to clear title, create an estate plan, resolve family conflicts, and much more.


With this year’s joint landowner-practitioner Boot Camp, landowners will also get the opportunity to interact directly with heirs’ property practitioners including attorneys, tax professionals, USDA professionals, and academic experts who will share best practices and strategies to help landowners take active steps to transform their heirs’ property from a liability to a wealth-generating asset.

Federation Conversation LiveDania Davy, Federation Dir. of Land Retention and Advocacy speacks with Francine Miller, ESQ about Forward 2023, the Farm Bill & More
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We held our FIRST EVER Federation Conversation LIVE Episode earlier this week and had a discussion with Francine Miller (CAFS – Vermont Law School) to learn more about the FORWARD 2023 Nation Heirs Property Boot Camp and the resources available for heirs property landowners.


We talked about state-specific fact sheets for heirs' property landowners, heirs' property recommendations for the upcoming 2023 Farm Bill & the attorney referral network participation in the FORWARD 2023 Nation Heirs Property Boot Camp.

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Forward 2023 is the nation's largest gathering of heirs property owners and passionate land retention practitioners from across the US!

Heirs' property is land that has been passed down informally from generation to generation. In most cases, it involves an original landowner who died without a will.

Heirs' property is land owned "in common" by all heirs, sometimes family groups as large as 50 to 100.  If heirs' property issues are not addressed and there is no family vision for sustaining the land, the land is vulnerable to loss, abandonment, tax sales, and partition.

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Active FSC/LAF Members use your member benefit to register for FREE!


All active members have been emailed a registration link. 

Registration includes a conference workbook, professional coaching, and post-conference technical assistance on land issues.


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The registration includes membership, a conference workbook, professional coaching, and post-conference technical assistance on land issues.

Landowners- Across Generations

  • Attend Master Classes taught by experts

  • Access the landowner workbook for how to secure your land holdings

  • Ask-the-Attorney small discussion groups

  • A one-stop-shop with everything heirs need to create a path FORWARD to land ownership

  • Intergenerational conversations on transferring and securing family land

  • Get support with heirs' property issues post-conference

Land Retention Practitioners-Diverse in Expertise

  • Attend discussions with a national panel of land prevention experts

  • Discuss case studies and generate solutions to decrease black land loss

  • Learn and network with other experienced land retention professionals

  • Intensive training on heirs' property and new eligibility regulations track for USDA staff

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Conference spearheaded by Dania Davy, Esq., the Federation's agricultural lawyer and mediator. Dania serves as the Director of Land Retention and Advocacy.

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Additionally,  a valid credit card or debit card with a chip will be required at check-in and authorization will be placed on their card for room & tax and incidentals. Incidentals will be authorized at $50.00 per day in addition to their room & tax charges.

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The Federation's history of using successful land retention strategies has focused on outreach, education, and technical assistance in resolving heirs property issues, estate planning, and developing alternative ownership models such as corporations, cooperatives, trusts, limited liability companies, and intra-family buy-outs. The Federation's Regional Heirs Property and Mediation Center works with 600 heirs annually across the Black Belt Region

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Black farmers, landowners, and cooperatives joined us on zoom for 2 days of educational workshops presented by the Federation staff and our valued partners. We also had a robust and informative USDA panel discussion.

Topics included heirs property, cooperatives, forestry management, and USDA programs. Click here for the 2022 GFC Agenda

Podcast's Sponsor.

Today is #GivingTuesday, one of the world's most significant philanthropy days, and we invite you to join us in standing up for Black farmers, landowners, and cooperatives to support all they do for us!


The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund (FSC/LAF) depends on the support of donors like you to continue our mission to be a catalyst for the development of self-supporting communities through cooperative economic development, land retention, and advocacy.


We envision sustainable rural communities that are supported by a network of farmers, landowners, and cooperatives, which are all based on local control and ownership.


Your generous gift will enable FSC/LAF to continue our work to keep our Black family farmers on the land, growing the healthy, fresh, good food we all need.


We’re excited to participate in this global day of generosity and encourage you to join us. Our goal is to raise $25,000 today. No donation is too small.

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