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A contribution of $5,000 will assist in providing scholarships to 10 limited resources farmers and landowners. Your sponsorship could make a major impact on black wealth!!

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The Federation's history of using successful land retention strategies has focused on outreach, education, and technical assistance in resolving heirs property issues, estate planning, and developing alternative ownership models such as corporations, cooperatives, trusts, limited liability companies, and intra-family buy-outs. The Federation's Regional Heirs Property and Mediation Center works with 600 heirs annually across the Black Belt Region

Land ownership represents an important source of wealth and economic stability in the African American community.  However, it is estimated that 60% of all Black-owned land is owned as heirs' property. Heirs' property is land that has been passed down informally from generation-to-generation.  In most cases, it involves an original landowner who died without a will.  


Heirs' property is land owned "in common" by all heirs, sometimes family groups as large as 50 to 100.  If heirs' property issues are not addressed and there is no family vision for sustaining the land, the land is vulnerable to loss, abandonment, tax sales, and partition.


Please join us for an informative, one-hour webinar to learn more about how we can assist your congregation by providing free land retention workshops on Heirs Property, Wills, Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, Land Utilization and more. 


This is a free webinar.  Please share generously with your network.

About Forward 2021!!!!


Are you an heirs property owner? Are you looking for a path forward that leads to opportunity, wealth creation, and as

set building for your family's land?  You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn how to clear your title and create wealth-building opportunities on family land!

  • The nation's largest gathering of heirs property owners and passionate land retention practitioners from across the US.

  • Forward 2020 offers an opportunity to attend interactive master classes taught by experts and one-on-one meetings with resource professionals 

  • Workshop materials will help your family create an estate plan

Full Registration

The registration fee of $350 includes conference workbook, professional coaching, and post-conference technical assistance on land issues.

Who Should Attend? 

  • Farmers and Landowners who have heirs property

  • USDA Agencies

  • CBO's and NGO's

  • Land Grant Universities and Cooperative Extension

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities

  • Leaders of Rural and Agriculture Focused Communities

  • Community and Economic Development Community

  • Local, State, and Federal Government staff/and or contractors

  • Financial Institutions

  • Faith Leaders

  • University Students/Researchers

Landowners- Across Generations

  • Attend Master Classes taught by experts

  • Access the landowner workbook for how to secure your land holdings

  • Ask -the-Attorney small discussion groups  

  • A one-stop-shop with everything heirs need to create a path FORWARD to land ownership

  • Intergenerational conversation on transferring and securing family land

  • Get support with heirs property issues post conference

  • Virtual exhibit hall


Land Retention Practitioners-Diverse in Expertise

  • Attend discussions with a national panel of land prevention experts

  • Discuss case studies and generate solutions to decrease black land loss

  • Learn and network with other experience land retention professionals

  • Intensive training on heirs property and new eligibility regulations track for USDA staff

The conference will offer tailored Educational Tracks
December  2nd- 1:00 PM
December  3rd-  9:30 AM
December  4th-  9:30 AM



An intense, two-day boot camp style experience for heirs property owners to kick start their efforts to resolve their heirs property issues and unlock their land's wealth-building potential.

Attendees can attend plenary sessions featuring interactive Master Classes taught by heirs property experts.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with resource professionals including attorneys, USDA agency representatives, lenders, genealogy experts, community development professionals, foresters, mediators, business development professionals from the hemp, solar, gas, and oil industries and more!

Attendees will receive a copy of the Forward: A Wealth Plan For My Land workbook

Technical support for up to one year and help with tracking progress



The highlight of Track 2 will be a comprehensive workshop on heirs property legislation and regulations in the 2018 Farm Bill

Train-the-trainer educational sessions and Master Classes to sharpen your skills as a practitioner and share peer-to-peer learning

Professionals will receive coaching on how to do conduct an heir property intake 

Resources experts will offer suggestions on conducting title searches and understantding legal documents

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