The Federation is a non-profit cooperative association of black farmers, land owners, and cooperatives. We are not able to do this work without multip le sources of support. Donating to our cause is an investment in our work to support limited resources farmers, land owners and cooperatives.


Feed a Family Battling Food Insecurity During the Global Pandemic

Family farmers and rural communities tend to suffer disproportionately in times of disaster and economic hardship. Rural communities have less developed infrastructure, greater distance between people & services, and fewer resources. The greatest needs in times of peril are the need for food water and shelter. Farmers cooperatives, rural communities, and community-based organizations usually are there to assist and should be recognized as first responders to meet these needs. You can donate a food box to a local family battling food insecurity during this global pandemic. Click the button below. Every $100 will cover the cost and delivery of a food box to an impacted family.

The goal of the Federation’s Capital Campaign is to raise five million dollars to prepare for work and progress for the next century.  Within the campaign, we plan to specifically raise:


  • $2 Million Restoration and re-capitalization of the Federation’s ‘Forty Acres and a Mule Endowment Fund’.  In honor of Ralph Paige, a memorial fund is established under the Forty Acres and a Mule Endowment Fund. 

  • $1 Million   Renovate and  expand the Rural Training and Research Center in Epes, Alabam

  • $1 Million  New capital to be added to the Revolving Loan Fund

  • $1 Million  Basic program support, land retention strategies, debt repayment, and general support


      See the Capital Campaign Website






Building the dormatory in 1974 at the Rural Training & Research Center, Epes Alabama.  Our building is in desperate need of upkeep and updating

Ralph Paige Memorial Fund 
















The Ralph Paige Memorial Fund was initiated in support of the work that Mr. Paige was passionate about-Cooperative Development.  Mr. Paige made a significant contribution to the success of the Federation and an impact in the lives of many farm families in the rural south. The fund is managed by 

The Ralph Paige Memorial Fund will focus on developing cooperatives in the working class communities of color.  Specifically, the funds will go toward supporting the Federation’s cooperative development work by supporting outreach, education, regional gatherings, marketing, and communication services for these co-ops.  Read Mr. Paige's contribution to black farmers here



Black Farmer Caravan in 1992


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